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Cash Flow and Budgeting

We often refer to cash flow management as "checking the pulse" of our client's financial health. Money comes in, expenses go out. It seems simple enough. However, understanding your cash flow allows us to monitor your progress en route to your desired financial aspirations. Often times, people underestimate the importance of a cash flow analysis, particularly if cash flow is strong. Analyzing cash flow gives us the opportunity to look for more efficient methods of saving, paying down debt, and planning for the future.

We can assist you with the following cash flow and budgeting matters:

  • Establishing an emergency fund - how much is enough?
  • Utilizing a comprehensive approach to cash flow analysis, we will assist you in evaluating your current sources of income, as well as your expenses, for a specified period of time.
  • Understanding the difference between primary and discretionary spending
  • Debt pay-down plans: analyzing current debt structure and identifying potential strategies for increased efficiency
  • Identifying the most effective savings vehicles for your particular situation based on your goals